Aladdin / Jocelyn Somers
Aladdin / Jocelyn Somers

In simplicity lies great wisdom. A wise man once told me that many great truths are hidden within children’s fairytales, if you look deeply enough to find them. Fairytales are mythological in nature and have deep esoteric meanings that are cloaked in allegory, parables and symbolism. One such fairytale is the story of Aladdin and... » read more

Flawed Mental Models

How Intangible mental Infrastructures Lead Us Astray. Our mental models underlie everything we experience, think and do; and very often,they are painfully incomplete

Trust First

One of the world’s most innovative social projects. How can social workers, activists, and pastors really contribute to the lives of people in communities in crisis?

Vagina / Lynn Enright

Re-educate yourself about a part of the body shrouded in confusion and myth: the female genitalia. From debunking the persisten myth of the hymen to exposing the economic and social forces that make getting your period even more of a nightmare, Enright explores and illuminates everything we weren't taught about women's sexual health,.

Broken Millennial

Take the fear out of finance. Learn why budgeting isn’t the same for everyone; and how much you need to save for emergencies.

Making it right / David Allen

Find out how you can be productive in a meaningful way, not just busy and how to implement the great advice from Getting Things Done in every sphere of your life.

Leonardo da Vinci / Walter Isaacson

Understand the life of an icon of innovation and discovery. Leonardo Da Vinci was no ordinary artist. He was the prototypical Renaissance man, unashamed to dabble in many fields.